I’m Lucy. I’m a 17 year old female living in Essex, UK. I decided to make a blog where I can write about all the things I love and enjoy. The main focus is mainly around books and stationary, but other posts related to my other hobbies may creep in too.


A little more about me:

I live at home with my parents, my younger brother. I have a golden retriever named Gibson, and two hamsters, a Syrian named Dwight, and a dwarf named Viola.

I am one with many hobbies. I enjoy reading in my free time and reviewing books has been something I have also enjoyed doing. Art is another one of my hobbies. I don’t tend to have a preferred media, I enjoy quite a few various medias. My most common, though, are watercolour, acrylic, graphite and coloured pencil. I’m into a lot of creative things whether that’s writing, art or scrapbooking. I also quite into makeup and fashion, though it’s not my main focuses.15230820_1130002633780448_2615334719739059118_n

I’ve never been a sporty person until I found my love for horses. I’ve only just started riding again after a two year break which will be explained in a second. I’m not competitive or anything, horses are purely a bit of fun for me.

I’ve also suffered with various health problems. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue couple of years ago and then also mental health problems. Thankfully, the chronic fatigue is at bay more now.

My most common things I’ll be blogging about is books and various aspects of stationary, journaling and then occasionally a beauty or other kind of post might creep in!

Hope you enjoy!

Lucy 🙂 x