Top 10 Favourite books of 2017

The top 10 favourite books of 2017 will also be in my reading recap but I really wanted to do a post going into some details to why these books were on my list. Not all of these are necessarily rated 5 stars because some I may have found a fault with them but I will go into more detail for each book.


10. Beautiful Broken Things – Sara Barnard

I believe I only rated this 3 out of 5 stars but there was something so lovely about Sara Barnard’s writing style and some things I really did enjoy about reading this book and despite only giving it 3 stars in the end, I still felt like this book belonged somewhere on this list compared to some of the other books I read. In fact, I’m considering upping it to 4 stars because after some time, I do feel it deserves more than some of my other 3 star reads!

9. Turtles All the Way Down – John Green

I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would and you can find my review here which goes into detail of my thoughts. But in summary, I just really loved the mental illness representation in this book and read the majority of it in one day.

8. The Lost Hero – Rick Riordan

Despite being a rather thick book, I absolutely sped through this one. I really need to get to the other books in the Heroes of Olympus series at some point. I adored Leo and he was definitely a favourite out of this book. What’s not to love about this book?

7. Caraval – Stephanie Garber

This probably, in reality, doesn’t deserve the full 5 stars which I gave it but I really did base this rating on how much I enjoyed this book and I enjoyed it. A LOT. I must admit, perhaps the writing isn’t the best and I feels very much YA-ish but like I just, said, I enjoyed this book so much. I think I read it in about 2 days and couldn’t put it down.

6. Our Chemical Hearts – Krystal Sutherland

Another book that didn’t get the full 5 stars. I gave this one 4 stars and you’re probably wondering why it’s already so far down the list if it wasn’t a full 5 stars, but I really love this book, and it’s just a book I want to hold close to me. The main reason it didn’t get the full 5 stars was because for most of it, it felt like it was going down the same route as every other YA contemporary but maybe it deserves the full 5 stars. Maybe I’ll get around to changing it.

5. They Both Die at the End – Adam Silvera

I was looking forward to this book, don’t get me wrong, but I really thought I wouldn’t find it that sad at the end because I knew what happens to them both but boy, was I wrong. The ending still ripped my heart out. I still cried. A lot.

4. George – Alex Gino

I was a little worried when I picked this book up that I would be comparing it to Gracefully Grayson the whole time as they both have a very similar plot, but despite this, I didn’t. And I well and truly loved it. It’s a lovely book and I believe it is a middle grade book and I think it’s an important one.

3. Lord of Shadows – Cassandra Clare

When I read this, I really did think this was going to be my number 1 book of the year. It isn’t far off and I really did love this book. The thing I find with books like Lord of Shadows is I forget what happens in them as a lot goes on and my memory really isn’t that good. But that end, that had me. And I know I loved reading it and that’s what mattered. I love the blackthorn family and I really feel there’s been an improvement in Cassandra Clare’s books since City of Bones.

2. History is All You Left Me – Adam Silvera

I really really love this book. It’s one of my top 3 favourite books now. I’ve never had a book where I was crying within the first few pages but I was with History is All You Left Me. This entire book was painful to read and I can’t wait to do a reread for it in the future.

1. Dear Evan Hansen – Steven Levenson, Benji Pasek and Justin Paul

I’m listening to Dear Evan Hansen as I write this. This book and musical has brought me so much comfort. I was sobbing by the end and this is just another very important book, not just to me but just very important in general. It was a fairly quick read for me since I read it in a day, but I think I could have easily read it in one sitting.

What were some of your favourite books in 2017?

Lucy πŸ™‚ x

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Favourite books of 2017

  1. I’m going to post my favorite books of all time tomorrow, but I normally don’t think of my top ten favorite books of the year. Sometimes I don’t have enough favorites for that! I think my top favorite I read in 2017 would be Fantastic Beasts: The Original Screenplay. I didn’t know I would enjoy reading screenplays and it brought all the magic of the Harry Potter universe back to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still need to read that! I’ve heard good things about it but at the same time, it is Harry Potter and it’s rare you hear anything bad about it haha. I’m really glad you enjoyed it though! I read a script (so I would guess it had the same format as the screenplay) and it was really refreshing to read a slightly different format.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve got to say, I think you can see a huge development in her writing since City of Bones so I can completely see why it could be your favourite out of her work!


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