Review: A Violet, Violent Spring by Devyani Saini

I would like to thank Devyani Saini for very kindly sending me a copy of A Violet, Violent Spring in exchange for an honest review. It is release on the 20th October 2017. You can find her page here and a preview for A Violet, Violent Spring here.

review - a violet violent spring

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars


Life can get quite hectic for a second year medical student who lives in central London, but Miana Mehra seems to be doing a pretty good job so far.

All is well at 37 Evelyn Gardens until Mia meets her neighbour: Eccentric, Asian, and definitely hiding something. Finding herself doing and saying things she normally never would, Miana is in for a strange kind of adventure.

Whether bad or good, remains to be seen. (Goodreads)


Trigger warning for sexual assault.

I read the first 3 chapters of this book on Devyani Saini’s page and I was instantly intrigued. There were a few parts I didn’t enjoy so much, but of course there were the parts I loved.

I’m going to start with the protagonist, Miana/Mia. I didn’t love her, I didn’t hate her. If I’m quite honest, she was rather basic. I didn’t feel she had much of a personality and couldn’t really take to her.

Flowerboy, as we will call him as I enjoyed the mystery around his name so don’t want to spoil that for you all, I liked. There was times I couldn’t quite make out if I liked him or not, but I liked him a lot more than Mia. I definitely found myself preferring him at the start, not that I really found a huge problem with him at the end, but I think I just preferred his mystery at the beginning.

And while they’re not a huge part of the story, I’m going to mention them anyway, and that is Amy and Josh, Mia’s uni friends, as I absolutely loved these two! They are so minor but they were probably my favourite characters!

The plot is very much focused on Flowerboy and Mia’s relationship as it grows with some other things added in, one event in particular which didn’t feel it flowed into the story that well as it felt a bit misplaced and I can’t remember anything being brought up earlier in the book about it.

The ending also felt a bit abrupt but part of me also wants to respect that this may of been Saini’s choice to do this rather than it being hurried to be finished.

There was a lot of description which I thought might get annoying but I actually ended up really enjoying it. There were some points that it felt a bit over the top, but on a whole I enjoyed having them descriptions there and I didn’t find them boring either, which is always good. I found they fitted in and flowed well. I also found it was fast paced, but not too fast, like everything is being rushed to get to a certain point. It felt just right, and enjoyable.

London is a very diverse area and it felt it in this book. I felt it was an accurate representation on London and while I’ve never lived in London myself, it definitely felt like Mia was living there and I think this is one of my favourite factors of this book.

On a whole, I did enjoy this book and did find myself intrigued and with it’s fast pace, it was easy to get through.

Thank you for reading,

Lucy 🙂 x

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