My Bullet Journal supplies

I’ve done a couple of posts about my bullet journal so today I thought I would share with you the supplies I use when working in my bullet journal!


Linc Safron max Gel Pen

This is my go-to bullet journal pen. These pens come in a pack of five at poundland. I believe it’s poundland’s own brand so I was a bit sceptical about trying them and really didn’t think one would last long but I’m still on pen number 1 out of 5. I’ve used this in most of my spreads and often when writing in there and it’s still going. It did take some time to get flowing nicely and I’m hoping the others work just as well!P1130686.JPG

Bic multicolour pen


This was another poundland buy and thought it would be good for taking my bullet journal on the go as it had four colours to work with meaning I can colour code without having to bring several separate pens.

Various other pensP1130697.JPG

I use so many different types of pens in my bullet journal that it would be impossible to list them all. While I prefer my pound shop gel pen, sometimes I grab the pen nearest to me instead. Sometimes I might use the smashbook pen and other times I might just go for a normal bic biro.


Staedtler triplus finliners


These are the pens I might also use to colour code but I also use them a lot in any trackers I might do. These fineliners have always been my favourite and I find them so easy and comfortable to write with.

Coloured Pencils


I tend to use coloured pencil for my doodles or colouring spreads. I only really use the Crayola and WHSmith’s as they’re suitable for the job and both work really well.

Felt tip pens


Okay, maybe I have an excessive amount of felt tip pens but they all get used. I’m not really sure how I ended up with so many but I’m not complaining. Surprisingly, they all get used. I tend to use felt pens for titles or colouring in small things. My favourites have always been Crayola but the others featured are also good.

Washi Tape


Maybe I have an excessive amount of washi too? I love washi and so nice and simple to decorate your planner or bullet journal with. Most of my favourite washi is from Dovecraft which I found in Hobbycraft.

Sticky notes and other bits and bobs


I often make separate lists on sticky notes and stick them in my bullet journal. I know the point of the bullet journal is to write lists in there, so I have no idea why I do this really. Probably to separate and ground lists. Plus, it adds a bit pf colour.

I also use these magnetic page markers to mark the monthly to-do/overview. They’re quite heavy for the page meaning making flipping to it easy.

What are you’re favourite supplies to use in your bullet journal or planner?

Lucy 🙂 x

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