April Favourites (and Wrap-up)

It’s that time of the month where I share the things I’ve been loving over April!

April faves

Cross stitch

I was very lucky that a family friend sent me all of her old cross stitch stuff. I used to do a bit when I was younger but stopped and eventually ran out of supplies. It’s been something I’ve kind of wanted to get back into so I’m incredible grateful for this opportunity again! I’ve already finished two small pieces but both were given to people so I’m unable to include them in the photo!


Recovery Scrapbook P1130837

I brought this Scrapbook at the very end of last month and so I’ve been working on it throughout April and have enjoyed working in it. It another creative outlet which is positive too. I may consider doing a flip though of this scrapbook at some point.


My Water bottle

I brought this at the beginning of this month to stop myself from using the plastic water bottles that are smaller and disposable (hopefully you get where I’m coming from!) as I would got through so many of those. This one is a lot bigger and a lot easier to fill and I have used one of the smaller plastic water bottles since!


Hedgehog Mug

A second cousin (I think, extended family confuses me) very kindly brought me this gorgeous mug while we were shopping at Asda whilst visiting her. I believe it was £2 and it’s so cute! It’s quite a thick mug which I don’t tend to like to drink tea from, but I have made an exception for this one!


TV and Books

As I’ve only finished one book this month, I thought I would include my wrap up here instead of a separate post, as all the things mentioned below are also favourites for this month.

Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig

This book was such a quick read with short chapters, it was perfect for me and my currently short attention span. It’s now going a cracked spine and is highlighted and underlined so it’s easy to read back on the back on the bad days. I really loved this book, much more than I thought I would.

Inside Out

I’m very late to this movie but I finally decided to get two Disney movies from Tesco (they were on 2 for £12), Inside Out being one of them. I was not disappointed and loved the story and the characters and will definitely be one I will re-watch.



And finally, we come to my main obsession this month – Skam! Skam is a Norwegian show following teenagers lives and each Season focuses on a different Character. I like to sum it up as a slightly less depressing Norwegian version of Skins. I’m currently on season 3 but haven’t watched it in a few days as I’m trying to save it. One I watch one episode, I can’t seem to stop. I love all the characters, and there’s not a character I well and truly hate. I just really love this TV show!

What have you loved in April? What have you read and watched?

Lucy 🙂 x

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