What’s in my bag?

I see these kinds of videos all over YouTube and find it really interesting what people take with them on a day to day basis so I thought I’d show you what I take in mine!


My bag is a Hype rucksack (I think I brought it from Amazon for about £20) and has this gorgeous map print over it which I love. It had two pockets, a small one at the front and a bigger one for the main part. I have found it’s lasted really well. I used this for school during in year eleven so I was caring around a lot of books and revision but it’s still in one piece whereas most bags I’ve owned would have broken after all of that.

I do sometimes switch to a different satchel like bag but I tend to use this one as I have had trouble with a muscle in my shoulder so a rucksack helps spread the weight evenly.

P1120869.JPG Next comes my phone, iPod and earphones. Sometimes I do leave my phone at home but I prefer to take it with me. My iPod and earphones are basically attached to me so even if I don’t happen to take my bag, they come with me.

P1120870.JPGI also keep this small makeup bag full of random bits and bobs that I use a lot. Some of the other things I’ll show you I often take in my bag but not always, this, however, I always like to keep on me. It holds some rubber and hair bands, some glasses cleaning things, two lip balms (No idea why I have two, but hey ho) and a mini soap and glory hand food and soap and glory hand sanitizer.

P1120873.JPGMy purse is obviously something I usually have on me as it holds all my money and cards and everything like that. It’s a Radley purse that was my mum’s but then she got a new one and I really liked this one so she gave it to me. My headphones I tend to carry with my if the car journey is longer than five or ten minutes, just in case my mum decides to put music on in the car and I can’t hear my own music!

P1120875.JPGI suffer with high anxiety meaning I can get rather anxious while I’m out so I always bring some sort of fiddle toy with me. I usually take one with me in my pocket and then have a couple of back ups in my bag as I’m prone to misplacing or losing them, especially tangle toys!

P1120878.JPGAnd finally, I often take my bullet journal, a pen and a book I’m reading. These come with me when I go somewhere where I might stop and sit down, or for appointments.

What do you take in your bag?

Lucy 🙂 x

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