Meet my pets!

Hello people, today I thought I’d do a little post introducing my pets to you all! My pets are a huge part of my life and I mention them a little bit in the occasional blog post so I thought this was a nice little blog post idea. And plus, who doesn’t like photos of cute fluffy animals?!


Viola, bless her, really shouldn’t be alive right now but she’s still be fighting strong. She’s coming up to two and I brought her with her sister from pets at home but her sister passed away late last year. Viola is a runt and has had multiple health issues including allergies and nearly losing her leg. Now she has a tumour and is very frail but she still likes a little run on her wheel


Dwight, named after Dwight Schrute from The Office US, is one and a half years old. He is my special boy who does nothing more than eat and sleep. He is quite a funny little critter and he loves naps and snuggles with me! 


Gibson is our four year old Golden Retriever. He is incredibly idle around the house but does love a walk and of course his food. Visitors are another favourite of his as he loves the fuss! He’s also had some health problems but he’s pretty okay now. He is a complete dumb blond however and I don’t think there’s any changing that!

So there we have it, my 3 balls of fur! Do you have any pets?

Lucy 🙂 x

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