Smashbook flip through!

Scrapbooking is one of my most favourite things to do so I thought I’d share a sort of flip through of my first smashbook. This one is the doodle theme (red). I’ll only be sharing some favourite pages as there were a lot of pages to go through otherwise!

smashbook 1None of these pages are in order so my first page was when my mum and I went to see paper towns. We rarely go to the cinema so I thought I’d document it. And the second page is just a bunch of tags from clothes I brought.

smashbook 2These pages include Easter stuff from that year (2015) and the second page a bunch of old school stuff I found and stuck in.

smashbook 3These pages are also old stuff from years before but want to keep them and stuff them in. They’re from a horse related event I attended from probably 2013.

smashbook 4These pages are from various horse related events I done including my first dressage test, a red nose from a fancy dress competition and a show number.

smashbook 5smashbook 6This first page is just my first bunch of flowers I received from my Nan when I was ill and then the second page is just from the ‘An evening with Noel Fielding’ event which a friend got me tickets for for my birthday.

smashbook 8.jpgI think this was my first ever smashbook page! I was so desperate to get stuck into it I decided I would do some of my favourite quotes!

smashbook 9.jpgThese pages are just some bits and bobs I’d gathered from my birthday. I decided to do a little collage of wrapping paper as I love wrapping paper and hate just getting rid of it!

smashbook 10.jpgThese pages are just a few presents my mum had brought me that summer. She was on holiday while I was at home as I was ill but she left little presents around the house which she told me where they were each day.

smashbook 11.jpgMy final pages I’m sharing today are the two from my trip to Norfol with my family that year. This was probably one of my later pages so you can see how things have changed since the quotes page!

That’s all the pages from this smashbook I’m sharing but I do have another few smashbooks/scrapbooks which I’ll probably be sharing at another time!

Do you keep a scrapbook or journal of any kind?

Lucy πŸ™‚ x


6 thoughts on “Smashbook flip through!

    1. Thank you! I think it’s quite common to start things and never follow through! I’m like that completely when it comes to art, I have to many unfinished projects! These things need a lot of dedication sometimes πŸ˜‚ x

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