March wrap-up

This month hasn’t been a huge reading month for me. Well, ice actually read quite a bit, in my opinion at least, but not in amount of books. So here is my wrap up including my currently readings and to shows and movies I’ve watch in the month of March.


Thirteen Reasons WhyΒ – Jay Asher

I managed to finish this early in the month. I have very mixed feelings about it and was going to write a review on here but obviously never got around to it. I did do a bit of review on my goodreads so i’ll link that here.

In summary, I did enjoy it, I thought it had some good points but really didn’t like Hannah, more specifically at the start. I found her tapes and suicide seemed more of a revenge but I found it got better towards the end in that sense.

The Night the Angels Came by Cathy Glass

I’m still not too far into this but it’s still very good. It jumps straight into the child’s fostering from page one which I like.

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

This is why I haven’t read a great load of books. I’m not too far into this either, just about 250 pages. I must say, I’m pretty proud I’ve managed to get this far. I thought the book was very intimidating so I didn’t think I would make it far. Despite there being a lot of characters, I find his writing style easy to read. I personally don’t think his writing style is super, but I like it the way it is because it makes it a lot easier to read when you have all these characters being mentioned.


Movies and TV


I’m adding this in because I did kind of watch it. Both me and my mum have been ill with a virus and she put this on and I wasn’t really going to watch it but ended up half watching it and it was actually pretty good. This is the newer remake.


This is the show I’ve been turning to for the last couple of months when I want something lighthearted and quick. I’ve seen many episode multiple times in the past so don’t have to focus on it too hard. I absolutely love this show and feel it represents quite an average British family. I think I’m am currently on season 3.

How I met your mother

I’m very late to the game on this one but I’ve just started this show and I’m still on season 1. My mum quite enjoys it too! It’s another comedy so the episodes are short which is what I like!

The Office US

This is my all time favourite show! Last year it got me through so much (cheesy as it sounds, it did) and I have such an emotional attatchment to the characters. I’m on season 2 and will probably be on season 3 in no time!

So, that’s my watching and reading wrap up! What have you been watching or reading this month?

Lucy πŸ™‚ x



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