9 Mothers day gift ideas

I know the majority of these posts must have been done by now but I thought I’d still put this together for any last mintute-rs trying to find a Mother’s day present. For the UK, mothers day this year is one the 26th March.

 1. Something Handmade

If you have a skill of some kind, the best way to show some appreciation to your mum is to make something handmade! Whether you can knit, sew, draw or anything creative will more than likely be able to be used! If your still unsure and don’t know what you could make, there are tutorials and DIYs everywhere so you could do some button art or maybe make a bathbomb, the options are pretty much endless.

2. Bake something/cook a meal

I suppose this could come under something handmade but either baking something or cooking a meal could really show appreciation and could be added to the something handmade. And if your mum is the one who makes most of the meals in your household, it will make a nice change and give her some time to relax.

3. Bath stuff and skin care

If your not up to making a bath bomb, there is of course always the option of buying one! I think lush would be a classic option for a choice of bath bomb. And then obviously there’s plenty of skin care products too, such as Soap and Glory (a personal favourite!), but there are many options out there. Treaclemoon and I Love Cosmetics are two other brands I also recommend.

4. A spa day

If you up to spending a little more money, a spa day could be a wonderful treat for your mum so she can go and relax and enjoy some treatments! An alternative that could be slightly cheaper is to buy her a facial at a local beautician.

5.  Candles

For many, many years, this was probably the most common thing I would buy my mum for Mother’s day as she loves her Yankee candles and so I knew I could go wrong! There are so many options of scents out there, and as long you know her favourites, a candle could be a lovely gift!

5. Stationery

Whether this is just a pack of sharpies or post its because she uses them a lot, or some pretty flowery to-do list pad, stationery can make a lovely gift and is also very practical! If you’re looking into some pretty stationery, I recommend The Works. It does some beautiful designs and for an affordable price!

6. Flowers

I think is probably a Mother’s day classic, but its still a gift that many mothers love and around mothers day time, there are plenty to choose from!

7. A flower vase

And to go with the flowers, a lovely flower vase to go with it! John Lewis do some slightly more expensive but lovely homeware stuff!

8. A book of some sort

If your mum is into reading and you know what kind of books she likes, you could buy her a novel. If not, there are plenty of coffee table kind of books, or parodies of books such as the Ladybird book, ‘How it works: the mum’.

9. A scrapbook/Photo album

What better way to show thanks to your mum than by collecting a bunch of memories and putting them together to remind you both of the years and things you’ve spent together!


] hope you all treat you mothers this Mother’s day and if you are a mum yourself, you are spoiled!

Lucy 🙂 x



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