GCSE/Exam study motivation tips!

I did do a blog post about general revision tips but I am back with a similar post, but this time focusing on getting the actual motivation and inspiration to revise!

1. Set yourself goals

Goals give you something to work towards and therefore can help you get motivated to revise. Set both small and big goals. While big goals are good, when you’re doing day to day revision, it might help towards your final goals/s but it might make you feel like your getting nowhere. The same goes to small goals, you’ll be achieving them easily and don’t have to bigger picture to work towards. You need both to keep your motivation rolling day in and day out.

Small goals may be:

  • understand a certain topic
  • finish revising a certain unit.
  • be able to answer all the flashcards on a subject or unit

Bigger goals may be:

  • Achieve a C/B/A/pass on a subject
  • To be go to a certain university or college
  • To get the career you would like to do

2. Write a long list of absolutely everything you need to revise

This is going to seem daunting at first but will be rewarding after ticking off the things you have revised after every day. If it scares you, that can also be used as motivation to start revising.

3. Go out to study

Go to a coffee shop or wherever you like to go to study for a change. Getting out the house and away from your desk for a change may make you feel a bit more productive and make you dread studying a little less.

4. Use a large wall planner

The photo I’ve included isn’t great but I’m hoping it gives you the idea of what I’m talking about. It gives an overview of the whole year and while it might not be ideal for writing down your day-to-day revision, you should be able to write down all your exams so you have a constant view of them!


5. Create a specific timed schedule each day

Giving yourself times each day in which you begin to start revising enforces the revising you need to get done. It’s also useful to write exactly what you intend to revise in that study session so you spend less time messing about, trying to figure out which unit or topic of a subject you are going to revise.

6. Cover your walls in revision

I basically put every mind-map or poster I did up on my wall which was great for constant revising but also made me feel happy at all the work I’d managed to do. I think it’s easy to get lost in all the revision you have to do and it’s nice to be able to also see what you’ve done too!

7. Buy some nice stationery

If you have some nice stationery to use, you’ll want to study just to use it! Or it might make studying a little more bearable for those who hate revision.


  8. Follow studygrams/studyblrs and/or create your own

Or simply use a social media like we heart it where you can like photos and save them to a board. I’ll leave a link for my study inspiration board. Looking at photos of other peoples (often beautiful) studying can really motivate you to study yourself. Before studying or during your breaks, look through some study inspiration, add some more photos to you study motivation board, or if you do decide to create a studyblr yourself, post what you’ve been up to.


9. ‘Study with me’ videos on youtube

These are great for motivating you to study. I suppose they work a bit like the studyblrs only you get to watch what people are doing while they study.

10. Study with friends

Having someone to study with, whether it’s for the same subject or different subjects, can really help boost your motivation. You can motivate each other, and again, switches up your normal study routine. Or if you’re not able to meet a friend for whatever reason, but would still like that kind of situation, Study live streams is a great youtube channel. You could either watch an old live stream or study when a live stream is currently ongoing.


So, there are my study motivation tips. Feel free to add anything that motivates you in the comments and good luck to anyone who’s currently studying for exams!

Lucy 🙂 x


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