How I started blogging

This post is inspired by the lovely papergirl, who wrote about how she started a blog and I thought I’d do my own as my blogging journey as it took some twists and turns before I felt it was right.

I think I started a blog just over a year ago. At the time, I had an Instagram called the fangirls books and I wanted to start sharing posts about books so created a wordpress and my first blog, The Fangirls Books. I no longer use that Instagram and blog but both are still there. They created a lot of nice memories and I want to keep that.

I think at this time, I also created a blog about hamsters, called The Hamster Hoarder and it was just a blog I never really kept up.

My second blog I must started just under a year ago. I had just started therapy and was given a bunch of sheets about distraction ideas and coping with feelings. One of them was ‘Create an online journal on Myspace.’ I didn’t, of course use myspace. I Started off with wordpress. Then tried blogger as I found wordpress confusing. And switched back to wordpress, as I felt there was a lot more option. The name went from understanding louie, in the hopes no one would find it, to the name I have now.

Obviously my blog now isn’t anything to do with mental health, but I was beginning to branch out into some different blog posts, and decided to set up a blog with a name I really liked to do all kinds of posts, as having two separate blogs wasn’t working greatly for me.

And then I decided, I really didn’t like having mental health related stuff mixed with my hobbies and all the things I loved, so went back to another blog and done my introduction post. I don’t post regularly on there, not much at all, but I do intend on posting more.

Now I’m not saying mental health and all that isn’t going to creep in on this blog, because I think it’s important to discuss anywhere, but there were certain posts I had planned which really did not fit.

I can’t remember how my blog name came to me. I was in a position where I had a lot of free time and thinking space and I was trying to think of a new name that could kind of fit whatever I wanted to do, something that fitted me rather than the content of my blog, and so Lucy and A Cup Full of Tea was created.

And so, here I am today, with a blog I’m well and truly happy with after many indecisive moments. I am happy with my posts and enjoy what I post.

I feel like there’s a lot of self promotion in this post but most of these links are to accounts I don’t use anymore and are mainly just to show how things have changed.

Lucy 🙂 x


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