February Favourites

I was really planning to do one of these for January but because of my lack of my struggles, I didn’t end up posting anything at that time so I’m very excited to do this post! These haven’t got any categories because I’m not exactly sure how to group this months favourites as they’re pretty jumbled. So my February favourites are:

Cat Fleece Blanket

This gorgeous blanket was only £5 from ASDA! It was one of those things I was actually quite hesitant to buy as I’m trying to cut back with possessions and I do already have a nice fluffy blanket, but I did end up picking it up (or, my mum did for a treat) and I’m so glad I did. I use it almost daily and I love it so, so much!

cat blanket.jpg


I’ve really been getting back into candles this month! I fear fire quite a lot but my dad brought me a lighter (one with a lock, aha, the perfect kind for me!) so I’ve been lighting my Candles a lot recently! My favourite candle scent has got to be Fresh Linen! My fresh linen is coming to the end so I’ll either have to pick a new one up or use the others up!


Fairy Lights

My room had been kept rather tidy recently so I’ve actually turned them on for a change! I’ve got these lovely little rose ones hanging on my bookshelf which I love. I’m not entirely sure where I got them from, I think it was somewhere like EBay, and they were only cheap. They’re not the best, sometimes you have to wiggle and tap the battery box and they’ll work, but I don’t mind, I like them all the same!

fairy lgihts.jpg

Soap And Glory products

I got a huge tin of soap and glory product for Christmas and so have been using them tons! The Righteous Butter has definitely become a favourite of mine and is used after every shower and still have so much left!



I have no idea why this has become a thing this month, but I have absolutely loved spending my money on stickers? Hardly using them, as most are too pretty to use, but lots of buying them! Who knows, maybe they’ll get used soon!



I’ve always enjoyed doing art but for the last year, I’ve slacked in producing it. More recently, I just haven’t been able to sit down and concentrate on the colours and tiny details. But even more recently, I managed to do that. I sat down and finished this painting of my favourite little pony, Samson and I feel so relieved I’ve managed to finally finish it!


So, there are my February favourites! What did you enjoy in February?

Lucy 🙂 x


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