T5W: Fictional Jobs you’d want to have

I’m not a huge reader of fantasy, where I imagine most of the interesting fictional jobs come from, and I find the jobs in more contemporary books would be having a shift at some shop, or a teacher at a rather normal school, so this was, I suppose, a bit of a challenge, something to get me thinking.  And I struggle a lot with memory meaning I can’t always remember things that have taken place in books I read a while ago, so there was a few I haven’t included as I’m really not sure, but I will also apologise now for any mistakes on job titles etc. mistakes! Like usual this will not be in order!

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  1. Shadowhunter – Okay, I said these weren’t in order, apart from this one. I would happily give up everything to be a shadowhunter, and I suppose it’s more like a duty than a job but it’s also all they do. I absolutely love the Shadowhunters series and would quite happily live among them!
  2. Teacher at Hogwarts – What kind I would be, I don’t know. Probably Astronomy would fit me best. I feel potions would be too much like chemistry and while I didn’t mind the theory side, I hated the practical. I think I would just be useless at transfiguaration. And herbology. And about everything else. Apart from Care of Magical Creatures. I quite like the sound of that!
  3. Camp director at Camp Half-blood – This is where my memory is not so useful. I pretty sure they were a thing but I’m also doubting myself. But if they are a thing, I want to be one!
  4. The Giver – I’m pretty sure the giver had a proper title rather than the giver, but I really cannot remember. I know the job in the book is made to sound quite unbearable and a burden to hold, but I also like the idea of having all these memories which no one else will get to experience. I mean, I would want people to have the experiences and such, but I think if I was stuck in that world, I would quite like to have them.
  5. A warlock selling their powers – Is this classified as a job? I don’t know. I’d quite like to be a warlock with these abilities to perform spells and for people to pay you in whatever way for you to do something they cannot do. I think that would be pretty cool.



There’s probably a great bunch of other jobs I’d like to have that I’m missing out on and I wish I could remember more from some of the books I’ve read a while ago, but I’d also be happy with the ones above!

Lucy 🙂 x

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