My Non-Fiction Collection -#1 (Harry Potter)

So I decided that  I would begin to share my small collection of non-fiction books with you all. I have developed quite a love for non-fiction books lately. But I have a few so I thought I would do them all in different parts, that way I can focus on them a little more. I though for the first part, I would share my Harry Potter non-fiction collection.

The Artifact Vault



This was my first Harry Potter non-fiction. I found this for £10 as ASDA and it was wrapped up in cellophane so I couldn’t actually see what was inside it but I brought it anyway as I love finding out about behind the scenes kind of stuff. It was definitely worth the money. It’s filled with illustrations and photos of  props and all from the movie.


The Character Vault


After being able to flick through the beautiful artifact vault, I was desperate to own the character vault. I absolutely love characters and their development, especially from book to screen so this book was just the kind I love! Each character has their own part and just like the artefact vault this one also has stunning photos and illustrations.


J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding world Movie Magic


The main reason for my love for this book is all the flaps and pockets and all that. I’m a huge kid when it comes to all of that kind of stuff. I still haven’t had the chance to have a proper flick through of this book but it looks like more of a movie behind the scenes summary, with a little less detail compared to the vaults. It even has a bit on Fantastic Beasts, which I am yet to read/watch.


I would like to sit down with these ones and read them cover to cover, that way I’ll be able to fully enjoy all of the information it shares and be able to count them towards my goodreads challenge!

Lucy 🙂 x



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