My first Bullet Journal – impressions and opinions!

So, this is my first bullet journal. Well, actually, I did a tester last year with a cheap gridded notebook I found in poundland and I figured I wanted to give it the full shot after setting up my tester and start a 2017 bullet journal. So I brought myself a gridded Moleskine notebook from Paperchase. It wasn’t cheap (I think it was about Β£15!) but I do love Moleskine and I had birthday money and it was something I really wanted to do.  I was in hospital throughout November and December so had some time and so I planned out some weekly spreads and set up the weekly spreads for January.

Setting up the initial part of it did take me some time, though I went for ‘pretty’ design rather than minimalistic. I started some collections and tackers and then was desperate for the new year to come so I could jump straight in.

And I have loved using this method so far! You can customize to your liking which has got to be my favourite part. 

I want to share some of my spreads and trackers in my bullet journal so far and share some opinions and all that.

(Please excuse the quality of photos, I’m still experimenting with my camera and the awful lighting in my room!)

Yearly overview

I suppose this will have it uses when setting up my weekly spreads but I don’t really use it that much at all. My boxes for my key dates are far too small and so I can’t really put much in there other than birthdays. These were initially made so I could somewhat plan the months ahead but they’re just too small for that. I should have set aside a few pages for a future log, giving maybe half a page for each month.


Monthly overview

This had been a lot more beneficial than my yearly overview. It allows me to set a to-do list for that month which allows me to see the things I need to do which I can then assign to a week and then eventually, a day. I’ve also got the dates written down on the left which I can then add any appointments etc. I’ve also decided to put some monthly goals on my to-do list page to give me some more focuses for the month which I’ve found really helpful.


Weekly spread

I decided to write out every week in January out at the start at the month but I feel I don’t really need to do that for the next month. I initially went to do it so I could plan ahead but I haven’t actually looked in the week or so come for this month. I wanted to have enough space so I could add my weekly to-do and any other notes which are in the bottom right.


Daily tracker

This has probably been one of my most favourite parts of the bullet journal! It has motivated me and reminded me to do things. I didn’t call it a habit tracker as some of the aspects of it are purely to see how often I do something and so I can either see it’s frequency or judge when I need to do it again.



I didn’t start these at the beginning of the month because I didn’t want to do any daily to-dos but now I am slightly further into the month, I have decided to do them. I’m not religiously going to do these everyday, only when I feel like I need a to-do list that day.


Money Tracker and book buying ban

I use a money tacker to quite simply to track what my money is being spent on. I often buy loads of small bits here and there which when I am trying remember what I brought a week later, I might not remember. And the book buying ban is to stop book buying. I’ve only brought books once so far this month, despite seeing so many I wish to pick up, but these books are art books which I picked up to help with a college course I am planning to take. It’s really satisfying filling in the little square everyday I haven’t brought a book and it will also help me to see when I have brought a book.


TBR crunch and 2017 Reading challenge

The TBR crunch is just what I named another tracker really. I own so many TBR books so I done this tracker so each time I finish one I can colour in one of the square and see the long number slowly decrease! And the 2017 reading challenge is pretty self-explanatory.


Art ideas and goals and Dwight’s cage cleaning log

I decided to write down my art ideas and goals separately so I can refer to specifically them. I haven’t used it too much as I haven’t done a whole loads of art recently but need to get back into it. And Dwight’s cage cleaning log (Dwight is my hamster!) is just simply to know what date I last cleaned him out on as well as when I last full cleaned and partly cleaned.


Blog posts and blog post ideas

I recently set this up a few days ago and really need to use it more. I need to update the blog posts page and then get on track with it. And then the blog post ideas is pretty obvious. I’ve just organised them on post-it notes so they all have different categories.



So overall, I have really enjoyed using the bullet journal method so far. It had motivated me and reminded me and inspired me. It’s just a really fun system to use. It’s totally customisable to suit you, so you can track what you need, whether it’s school, work, daily life, hobbies, basically everything in one notebook! I’ve enjoyed using the Squared Moleskine for mine but I know a lot of people enjoy the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted for theirs. I’ve linked both in case you wish to get one!

Bullet Journal Basics are linked here.

Lucy πŸ™‚ x



12 thoughts on “My first Bullet Journal – impressions and opinions!

  1. Love this! Mine looks definitely a lot messier. You motivate me to try and make mine better! πŸ™‚ Yeah, I find it hard to track everything I want to do and have to get more into the habit of actually writing it down.

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  2. Wow! This is beautiful 😍 I would love to be able to do a bullet journal, but I’m do picky and I can’t draw at all, so I’ll just end up tearing everything out! But can’t wait to see more as you start to enter more things 🌸😊

    Liked by 1 person

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