2017 Goals!

This is probably quite a late 2017 goals posts but I still want to post it anyway. I’ve created quite a list but as I am not in school for the most part of this year, I thought I’d create a rather long list compared to usually just to make sure I have loads of aims and focuses! Some are small, silly little goals/challenges and other maybe a little more ‘serious’ and larger.

  1. Finally finish gossip girl (it’s been two years and I have about 4 episodes left! Haha)
  2. Get jumping 50cm on horseback
  3. Read at least 20 books (preferably more but I also want to create something achievable)
  4. Meet up/Catch up with some people
  5. Learn some Swedish (I’d love to go to Sweden some day!)
  6. To declutter and organise my room
  7. Walk/ Exercise more
  8. Create a memory jar
  9. Do some self-help/self-discovery (this is to try and help with my mental health)
  10. Create a positivity wall/scrapbook
  11. Try a new hobby or skill
  12. Give yoga a try and try to increase flexibility (I’m basically a robot. I have no flexibility haha)
  13. Start a sewing project or two (I love sewing but I rarely do much with the skill)
  14. Finish more drawings and paintings (I’m the kind of person who starts many projects and never finishes them!)
  15. Drink more water
  16. Practise self-care more often
  17. Make the family dinner (something I had never done but I’m proud to say I’ve already completed this already! I will have to do it again!)
  18. Try at least 15 different recipes
  19. Try to cook at least once a week
  20. Get back on a bike (I haven’t been on one in a few years!)
  21. Get myself a proper pare of converse (Been meaning to get some for ages!)
  22. Sort out the photos of my laptop
  23. Play around with my camera more
  24. Accept the bad days
  25. Start college!
  26. Volunteer at least once this year
  27. Draw at least 5 things out of my comfort zone
  28. Use the library more
  29. Complete a manuscript
  30. Sort out my blogs! (Especially this one, I have become a little lost with it and need to get it back on track!)

I feel I have lots to aim for this year which I am excited for!

Feel free to share some of your own goals in the comments!

Lucy 🙂 x



2 thoughts on “2017 Goals!

  1. I love this!

    I’m doing a reading challenge myself, I’m shooting for 52 books this year. Basically a book a week. I’m working on book #7 right now (Technically, still working on #5 too, but needed to give my eyes a break from my kindle. Reading an ACTUAL book right now!)

    Have you heard of Goodreads? Its an app that helps you keep track of what books you’re reading, have read, or want to read!

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    1. Best of luck with your reading challenge! At that rate you’ll definitely able to achieve that! I think I usually hit around the 40-50 area each year but decided to step back a little this year and stop stressing about not reaching it, if that makes sense 🙂
      I have heard of goodreads and it’s got to be one of my favourite apps/websites though it’s made discover so many new books and I feel like I’m never going to be able to read them all! Haha 🙂

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