My Current Journals!

Journal keeping is one of my favourite things (maybe that will get a separate blog post!) and I’m currently keeping a few. I find keeping a journal (or few!) is great way to remember days which I sometimes need for therapy sessions and also great for focusing on some positive things. So here are my current ones!

General Journal


This is my journal in which I write in mainly daily. This is the one I tend to use to help me remember the days and just something I can look back on in the future. I use it for writing down a lot of notes such as blog post ideas sometimes too, but mainly just hold my daily life! This one was just a plain one that I was given when I was first admitted into the hospital but decided to write one of my favourite quotes on the front, from Little Miss Sunshine.


Q & A a day


I’ve been doing this for just over a year now which is pretty amazing to think about! It’s so nice to finally be able to read over last years answers! There’s some days I forget and have to answer the next day or so on. It’s nice to have a different question as a prompt for every day too!



3 Positive Things Journal

p1110028I suppose this is also like a kind of gratitude journal when I think about it. Each day (or as often as I can remember), I set myself the challenge of thinking of at least 3 positive things that happened that day. They can be big things, or little things. If there has been a day where loads of positive things have happened, I let myself write 5 things but no more as I don’t want these days to make the days which haven’t been so positive seem even less positive. The aim is to remind myself that even on the worst of days, there can be positive things.



Happy Thoughts journal


This one was half inspired by ‘14,000 things to be happy about’ by Barbara Ann Kipfer (highly recommended, it’s just giant list in the form of a book of little things to be happy about) and the front of this notebook. I suppose this is also like a gratitude journal as I again, write down little things that I like and make me happy and just the though gives me a little bit of positivity.



Bullet Journal


And finally, my new beloved bullet journal! I’ve not actually fully started this quite yet as I wanted to start at the beginning on the new year but I’ve sorted of some collections, trackers, weekly spread etc. I’ve really enjoyed setting it up and am very much looking forward to starting it properly! I’ve started my first one in a squared hardback moleskine.











One thought on “My Current Journals!

  1. That bullet journal (I just typed jurnal even though I knew it was wrong I swear my brain did it to spite me) is so neat 😍😍 Hehe typos in books make me happy too (as long as it’s only the odd one) I show them off to my mum like it’s a proud achievement. Actually, it is a proud achievement! 🦄💛

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