It’s Christmas, time to be happy?

So, it’s Christmas Eve as I write this. Tomorrow is therefore Christmas Day. People are going to be happy and excited and all those positive feelings. But for those with a mental health issue, just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean the struggles are going to go away.

Sometimes, Christmas can be hard if you suffer from a mental illness. People expect you to be happy. And if you’re not, then they presume you’re being ungrateful. But being happy and being grateful are two different things. You can still be thankful for what you receive and be depressed, or whatever your illness makes you feel. Things do not define happiness. And sure, there are some people suffering with mental health issues that will be happy on Christmas day. But, unfortunately, this doesn’t mean everyone is going to be happy.

Christmas Day can also be hard for those suffering from a mental illness because we can see people being happy, and while we don’t want those people to be unhappy, it’s also hard to see these people being cheerful and enjoying their day when that’s what we want to be doing too. But we don’t have a choice. We don’t choose to be like this.

For people suffering with a physical illness, it doesn’t go away on Christmas day, and neither do mental illnesses.


And so to those suffering with a mental illness:

  1. I hope you do manage to have a good day

  2. If you don’t then, don’t worry. Even though it doesn’t feel fun and okay, it’s okay. You don’t have control over you illness

  3. Ignore those who make you feel bad for feeling bad on Christmas Day. I know this is in no way easy to do, but I am writing it anyway, as another reminder that it’s not your choice.


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