Back to school haul!

I’m going in to sixth form this year and am I pretty terrified. To get myself more excited and motivated, I thought I would treat myself to some new stationary supplies.

I’ve always loved stationary and I don’t think there will be a day where I won’t! I wasn’t planning on buying this much at all but I ended up picking up most of it as a lot of it was on offer.

Lever arch file


This folder is from the ‘Purrmaids’ collection at paperchase. As I’m going to be using a folder a lot, I figured I should buy one I really like. This one was fairly expensive at £5 in my opinion but I love it all the same. And as I mentioned, because I’ll be using it basically everyday, I was happy to invest in a more expensive one if  I really liked it. I love the pastel colours and the cats with mermaid tails. Inside is a nice plain baby/pastel pink so not too distracting.

Bic crystal biros


Slightly less interesting but I wanted to pick up some new biros. I never really stick to one brand or type, I tend to jump around a lot and decided to give these ones a go.

Memory stick


Another pretty uninteresting item but I’ve never had a memory stick before and feel like that I will be using this a lot when it comes to sixth form. Because I am taking English Language, which will probably require a lot of essays, and art, which I may want to transfer photos from home to school, I figured that a memory stick would be useful, especially if something happens with the internet so I can’t email my work to myself. I’m not good with technology stuff like this so I just got one that seemed like it would do the job for me.

Plastic Folders/wallets


I found these at sainsburys and I couldn’t remember the prices but I think (after looking on their website) they were £1.12.I didn’t realise you actually get 3 folders which was a bonus when I properly opened them up. You get a clear one, bright pink and a colourful rainbow folder. I feel these will be useful for any sheets that are loose or I don’t want to hole punch or lose. I will probably only need the one for my school bag but the others may be useful if I need to organise any paperwork at home



As I’m taking English language, which will involve a lot of writing, I picked up a thesaurus as I don’t actually have one appropriate to my use (I have a child’s edition). It’s such a small and portable size and not very heavy meaning if I want to take it school or any place, it will be easy to put in my bag.

Please excuse the bits from the sticker still life on this! This little book was on £3.99 from WHSmiths!

Project book

P1100471P1100472I want to be prepared for revision in Sixth form so I can get started right away. This Pukka Pad project book I aim to use for my English Language revision. It has five tabs which will be useful for separating different topics within this subject. Each tab has a pocket to keep any loose sheets in. The cover also has a plastic over the top which I like as I feel it will protect the book nicely.

I find Pukka isn’t the cheapest to buy usually but the quality is so much better than the cheaper paper you can buy so it’s definitely worth the money. However, this was only £3 from ASDA which I think is an amazing deal!

Sticky note set


I brought a very similar item to this last year from B&M for a cheaper price. I thought that once I had used the sticky notes, I could still keep it and just top it up with some new sticky notes. Unfortunately, the black backing was card and tore out of my folder pretty quickly.

This one I brought from WHSmiths for a slightly higher price (£2.99 but usually £5.99!) but this one has a cardboard type backing making it a lot more sturdier. I’m not sure I’d want to pay basically £6 for this but not bad for £3.

Post-it notes


Okay, I’m a sticky note addict and Post-it is my favourite brand by far. These were fairly pricey in my opinion at even half price (Got them for £6, usually £12) but I love how many colours you get and also the fact the colours are separate from each other rather than in a stack so I’ll have even more fun using post-its when it comes to revising.

Page flags


Yet even more sticky notes! These were £2.99 (I think) from WHSmith and they are so cute! I’ve got loads of page flags but I guess everyone needs some animal related ones…

Pound items at Tesco


These items were so good for just £1! They had many items similar in this packaging but I picked up only four, otherwise I would have brought all of them! The come in this really useful zipper packaging which has holes so you can put them in a folder which is really useful whether you use it for the items themselves or other items. Unfortunately, they aren’t big enough to fit a normal sized pencil or pen.

Animal Rubbers/erasers


These aren’t the same quality as them expensive ones but they seem good enough quality that they will work. For the more expensive ones, you’re paying about £1 for one whereas here, you get 6 for £1.

White-out tape


I have tested this a little and the tape seems to come out. Whether you can write on it easily or not, I’ll have to find out. But if it does work well, that’s a bonus. You get 2 for £1 too!



I never really use a stapler that often but find it a pain to always have to run downstairs to borrow my dads quickly. You get quite a few extra staples with it and so no doubt they will last me a very long time!

Hole Punch


This is my most favourite thing out of the £1 items I brought! This is just going to come in so much use. Teachers always seem to hand out sheets yet they are never hole punched! This hole punch has holes and is incredibly flat meaning you’re able to put it inside your folder. I’ve tested it out and while it’s not the best hole punch, it does still work quite nicely.

That’s all I’ve brought for back to school this year! I know a lot of back to school hauls include new bags and pencil cases but I didn’t buy new ones as I don’t feel the need to go out and buy a new bag and pencil case at the moment as mine do me just fine. There’s also other items such a pencils left out of this as I haven’t brought any new ones as I simply do not need too. There’s no point in buying a hole new bunch of pencils and things when I have plenty already!

Lucy 🙂


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