My favourite distraction books

I’ve always been a lovely of activity style and fun books but since I’ve been struggling, I’ve found them much more beneficial as a distraction technique. I’ve decided to share some of my favourites.

1. Mess – Keri Smith


This has got to be a favourite of mine at the moment. I think by now a lot of people have heard of ‘wreck this journal’ by Keri smith which is another good distraction book but I personally much prefer this one. It’s very much similar to wreck this journal in the tasks it gives to complete and these destructive, yet sometimes creative, behaviours really help to focus me on something else.

2. The imaginary world of… – Keri Smith


I’ve managed to collect a fair amount of Keri Smith books now and this one is probably one of my favourites. The idea is to follow the prompts to create your own imaginary world which I find great for distraction because you can create a world completely different to the world now and really escape to it.

3. 642 things to write about/Draw

If you’re the creative type of person, these books would be a great distraction. Each page gives a prompt for you to write about or draw. There are several others of these books with variations.

4. The Happy book – Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder


Whether you’re feeling a bit low or just simply want an uplifting book, this book is wonderful as its a book you can fill with complete happiness. It has various prompts to ‘celebrate what makes you happy.’ It’s about the size of a normal book so it’s a nice size if you want a lovely positive book to be about to carry around with you.

5.  The Positivity Kit – Lisa Currie


This book is kind of similar to ‘The Happy Book’ but is a little larger in size. This book focuses more on the illustrations and doodles inside. I personally feel it’s prompts allow you to be a little more creative if you wish.

You can find so many similar books simply by going on amazon and seeing the recommended under these products but I have found these to be my favourites. I aim to review in a bit more depth some of these books at some point too!

– Lucy








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